Scout’s Mosquito Control

We offer a mosquito reduction service to help you enjoy your yard during the spring, summer, and fall months without the annoying and inevitable presence of those pesky mosquitos.

We treat the lawn area, trees, shrubs, and ground cover where mosquitoes congregate. Once the treatment is complete, it essentially repels mosquitoes and will kill them when they congregate on the areas that we treated. Depending on the weather, this treatment typically lasts between 21-28 days.

We offer three mosquito programs:

We also offer larvicide treatments for ponds and lakes, please contact us for more details.

Special Event Treatment

$59 for up to ½ acre

This is a one time treatment that is performed 24-48 hours prior to an event such as a family picnic, birthday party, pool party, or just an evening barbecue.

Three pack of treatments

$55 per treatment for up to ½ acre. Total package pricing of $165

If you don’t want to commit to the seasonal plan or just want to pick and choose when we come out, this is the plan for you. Simply call us when you are ready for the treatment and we’ll be right out.

Seasonal Mosquito Package

$50 per treatment for up to ½ acre. Total package pricing of $450

If you hate mosquitoes and want the maximum protection or your family and property, this is the program for you.
Includes 9 treatments spaced between 21-28 days apart.
Includes 1 FREE Special Event Treatment.

Ready to sign up? Call (864) 469-4999 or Contact us